Your Mango Nutrient: Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is widely known as good for your health. It is most typically the go-to remedy for colds, and rightfully so! This vitamin, richly packed into mangos, plays an important role in immune function. Similarly, it helps in healing wounds, and keeps gums and teeth healthy.
    But what else does this powerful vitamin do for your body?
    Well, Vitamin C also supports healthy cognitive and neurologic function. This means that Vitamin C may be helpful in protecting mental clarity and memory.
    Vitamin C is also required for collagen formation. Collagen is a protein that helps form skin strength and elasticity, along with helps repair body tissues.
    To get 100% of your daily-recommended Vitamin C intake, include 1 cup of mangos in your next meal! For more information about mango nutrition, please see our Mango Nutrition page!
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