Mangos in Colombia


    Under the warm sun, mangos are the perfect snack for Colombian locals. Cubed, sliced, or spiralized, mangos are an easy find in the streets of Medellin or Bogota, and a favorite among most.
    Green, unripe mangos are close to the hearts of Colombians, providing a different taste than most mango-eaters would expect. Mango Biche is a common street food, where unripe green mangos are served with salt, yielding a surprisingly complimentary taste. Additionally, cut and bagged fresh mangos can be found along city streets with children visiting during school breaks to get a sweet snack.
    Three mango varieties are particularly Colombian: the Azúcar, the Hilacha, and the Vallento. While these varieties are of the lesser known among Americans compared to the Honey or Kents (only Vallentos have been imported to the U.S.), don’t let their unfamiliarity deter you. These mangos are deeply loved by the Colombian natives, and are regarded with much respect and distinction. The sweeter mango, Azúcar is often enjoyed with salt, while the Hilacha is typically enjoyed as a juice, straight from the mango.
    If you’ve ever spoken to a Colombian, you’ve likely heard their sincere love for this aromatic, versatile fruit. Their mango connection lies deep within their roots and is a true love story that persists through time and season.



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    Hello,The above description about mangoes are remarkable,some names such Azucar and Hilacha are unknown for me and about their favours.Thank you.
    7/10/2017 1:11:52 AM