Category Development and Consumer Research

    The National Mango Board values research-driven decision making. That's why the mango industry has invested time and money in category development research to help fine-tune mango marketing and merchandising strategies.

    Category Development

    The Mango Performance Benchmark Report summarizes scanner data for mangos and the tropical fruit category, including sales, volume, pricing and promotional efficiency trends for the nation and nine sub-regions. The report covers 2014 to 2015 data and reveals that while whole mango dollars per store per week increased 6%, fresh cut mango dollars per store per week increased 28%. 

    The Quarterly Mango Category Development and Ad Tracking Reports provide a timely update of mango scanner data for the country and by sub-region. These reports includes mango contribution to department, dollars and volume per store per week and average retail pricing by quarter. Mango Advertising trends are also included and correlated to mango movement. Get the quarterly reports in the tab below.

    If the Mango Performance Report leaves you hungry for more detailed information about mango performance by market, our Mango Market Development Index Report is just what you’re looking for. It boils mango purchases per capita down to a single index number so you can easily compare markets and regions across the country.

    Consumer Research

    Understanding consumer purchasing behaviors is key to increasing mango consumption in the U.S. The NMB conducts ongoing consumer research to explore consumer awareness, knowledge about mango, buying habits, barriers to purchase and many other facets of consumer attitudes relative to mangos.

    On a monthly basis, the NMB surveys a panel of about 600 consumers to track mango purchases over the previous 2-week period. This information is used to identify trends in household penetration, how many mangos were purchased per household, average price paid and other important indicators. A report of the top-line results for the ongoing Monthly Consumer Research project are updated each month.

    In 2013, the NMB conducted an in-depth consumer attitude and usage study to better understand consumer purchasing behaviors. The 2013 Consumer Attitude and Usage Study explores consumer barriers to purchase, how they eat mangos and many other facets of consumer attitudes relative to mangos. The report is loaded with insights that can help you understand the mango consumer and grow your mango business. The research indicates that overall providing more information and education about mangos and keeping them in front of consumers at point-of-sale (POS) and in the media would increase mango sales. Education is most apparent by consumers not knowing how to choose a “good” mango. 
    In 2014, the NMB conducted Qualitative Exploration Research with small groups of mango buyers and non-buyers to provide direction on effective mango messaging. Research shows that consumers have positive mango associations with tropical and sweet as well as strong nutrition messages that state “100% of daily vitamin C." Opportunities for mango messaging included the lack of familiarity, and selection and cutting.
    Consumer research is important in order for us to develop the most effective marketing messages and campaigns that will better benefit consumers and ultimately mango consumption.