Mango Christmas Cupcakes with Charli’s Crafty Kitchen

    Watch Kid Chefs Charli and Ashlee make their fun and festive recipe with mangos!!



    1. 3 fresh mangos 
    2. Vanilla cake mix, made up according to the instructions on the package
    3. Buttercream frosting
    4. Syringe
    5. Paring knife 
    6. Blender
    7. Tablespoon
    8. Candy cane cutout (provided)


    1. Cut mangos with a paring knife
    2. Puree mangos in a blender
    3. Mix in a couple of tablespoons of mango puree into the vanilla buttercream frosting. Add one drop of vanilla food dye for a brighter color.
    4. Place the cupcake into the cardboard cupcake liner
    5. Core the cupcake on a diagonal angle
    6. Apply mango frosting using a plastic knife
    7. Fill syringe with mango puree and push into the cored cupcake
    8. Garnish with a fresh slice of mango
    9. Finish with a cute candy cane cutout

    Head over to Charli and Ashlee’s YouTube page for more videos!