Producer Extension Workshops

    The National Mango Board is working with the mango organizations in the top 6 producing countries to bring our knowledge straight to you. This project is designed to:

    • Provide information to mango growers, harvesters, packers and shippers to enable them to understand how the harvesting and handling practices affects the quality and acceptability of their mangos in the marketplace
    • Demonstrate simple and practical quality control practices to ensure the highest possible product quality and safety
    • Serve as a means to publicize the release/publication and encourage use of the NMB’s Best Handling Practices Manual
    • Reduce postharvest losses (i.e. adjustments, etc.)

    Extension Workshop Videos

    Research has revealed that when it comes to quality, this is a major factor that is important to consumers, along with ripeness, when deciding whether or not to purchase a mango. The NMB generates new knowledge to minimize postharvest losses through the mango supply chain in the U.S. by working with topnotch researchers.

    The NMB brings this new knowledge straight to industry members at Extension Workshops. Below you will find videos of researchers who presented their research findings and recommendations on how to improve mango quality.

    Determining the Best Harvest Times
    Dr. Jorge A. Osuna Garcia
    Postharvest and Food Safety Researcher

    Irregular Mango Flowering and its Relationship with Temperature, Floral Differentiation and Flowering Genes
    Dr. Maria Hilda Perez Barraza
    Fruit Researcher

    Effective Strategies of Mango Pruning
    Dr. Thomas L. Davenport
    IFAS-University of Florida

    Recommendations for Proper Flowering Management
    Dr. Thomas L. Davenport
    IFAS-University of Florida

    2017 International Meeting Schedule

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